The Farming Game Card Game

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In the Farming Game Card Game, you're a wannabe farmer.
You get to bid for crops, plant them, harvest them and try it all again.

Bid for the right to plant crops, roll the dice to see how well your crops did. At game end, total cash + total crop value = your score.

Game Play: Each turn consists of 4 phases.
1. Read a farmer's fate card (this card is the same for all players but will affect each player differently depending on their individual crops)
2. Bid for and purchase crops (borrowing money if necessary)
3. If you have money left over, buy crop enhancements (fertilized, grass fed, organic)
4. Harvest your crops (roll the dice to determine how well your crops performed)

Each turn can take 5-10 minutes and the number of turns is determined by the players at the start of the game. A minimum game is usually 3 turns.

By the end of the game, you want to have the highest total value after paying off all debts.